Calendar Try-outs *2015*

For the past 4 years I have been working with the girls at Hooters to prepare for their calendar try outs and let me tell you, I love every minute of it. Thank you to each and every one of these women, who braved the cold, ice, rain, and all  the other horrible winter elements this year! I know this is late but GOOD LUCK to all of you in the try outs, wether you make it or not, every single one of you are beautiful as ever and I am so very lucky to have worked with all of you!!! A big thank you to every one who helped out this year:

Sean, for the use of your boat and making sure the girls had snacks and drinks! Making the girls comfortable is a top priority and you did an outstanding job!

Claire, for your master behind the scene skills at the pool shoot!

Grant, for your support through long editing nights and for helping with the lighting and set-up (and also for being such a great test model).

Brandon & Britt, thank you for letting us use your pool again this year, saving us from the cold!

Tyann, for trusting me enough to come back for a third year and bringing so many lovely wonderful women with you!! 

Thank you all again!! I can't wait until next year!